The Things That Matter

THE THINGS THAT MATTER NATE BERKUS Spiegel & Grau 2012 Marylyn Dintenfass’ Ceramic Mirror appears in a feature in the “Steve Berg” chapter on pages 109 & 113 of the book. 308 pages PURCHASE RETURN TO BOOKS & CATALOGS

My True Body

MY TRUE BODY MARK SOLOMON HAVEL HAVULIM 2016 Author’s Statement: My awake, aware, adult mind strives to “make something” of the dream, desire, amazement, rage, love, memory, terror that rise from various worlds within me. Individual poems result from this effort. My True Body is one possible selection, arrangement and layering of these objects. Marylyn Dintenfass’ … Continue Reading

Marylyn Dintenfass: Drop Dead Gorgeous

MARYLYN DINTENFASS: DROP DEAD GORGEOUS SCOTT INDRISEK WITH INTRODUCTION BY JOHN DRISCOLL, PH.D. 2013 Drop Dead Gorgeous is Marylyn Dintenfass’ latest body of brilliant chromatic abstractions evoking a representational narrative about nature’s fatally duplicitous markets. Her work has always embodied the uneasy theme of “things are not what they seem.” Here she explores the intricate … Continue Reading


MARYLYN DINTENFASS PAINTINGS MONOGRAPH HUDSON HILLS PRESS 2007 “Lush but also astringent, with a glittered coolness and reserve that offsets its heat, her work offers a bracing example of an experiential painting for the present.” — Lilly Wei, Art Critic/ Independent Curator Marylyn Dintenfass has emerged as a leading artist of her generation. She is … Continue Reading

Work In Progress

WORK IN PROGRESS, MARYLYN DINTENFASS MISSISSIPPI MUSEUM OF ART July 22 – October 15 2006 Supported by the Andy Warhol foundation for the Visual Arts “I have been involved with the grid for more than thirty years,” says Marylyn Dintenfass, a New York artists- born and bred- who came of age in that city in … Continue Reading

Books & Catalogs

Mark Solomon My True Body Marylyn Dintenfass Drop Dead Gorgeous Marylyn Dintenfass Parallel Park Nate Berkus The Things That Matter Marylyn Dintenfass Paintings Marylyn Dintenfass Bob Rauschenberg Gallery 100 New York Painters Printmaking Marylyn Dintenfass Work In Progress Marylyn Dintenfass Good & Plenty, Juicy Marylyn Dintenfass The Greenville Museum of Art I Want Candy Marylyn … Continue Reading

Hands In Clay, An Introduction to Ceramics

HANDS IN CLAY AN INTRODUCTION TO CERAMICS CHARLOTTE F. SPEIGHT & JOHN TOKI MAYFIELD PUBLISHING COMPANY 1995 Marylyn Dintenfass is a painter who works frequently in clay. The uniqueness of her work is that she has made clay like paper or cloth, not as a substitute for those wonderful materials, but as a material that … Continue Reading

Clay In Print

CLAY IN PRINT JAMES CONAWAY HAMLINE UNIVERSITY GALLERY October 18 – November 18, 1994 I first became aware of the work of Marylyn Dintenfass when a mutual artist friend handed me a catalogue from her recent New York show. We invited Marylyn to present a solo exhibition at Hamline University Gallery and she accepted. One … Continue Reading


PARADIGM SERIES MARYLYN DINTENFASS September 12 – October 10, 1991 “Feldspar is not a familiar rock, the way granite and limestone are, but it is a large constituent of all igneous rocks, those produced under extremes of heat and pressure, and when feldspar disintegrates, because of pressure or because of erosion by air or water, … Continue Reading

I Want Candy: The Sweet Stuff In American Art

I WANT CANDY: THE SWEET STUFF IN AMERICAN ART BARTHOLOMEW F. BLAND HUDSON RIVER MUSEUM 2007 In the years since the advent of Pop Art in the late 1950’s, contemporary artists have embraced confections as one of their most popular subjects. Marylyn Dintenfass’ Good & Plenty: Ultra Blue, 2005 takes a well-known candy brand and … Continue Reading

At the Museum, Greenville

MARYLYN DINTENFASS GREENVILLE COUNTY MUSEUM OF ART Rich and luminous in color is the foundation of paintings by Marylyn Dintenfass. Whether vibrant or tranquil, these colors embody the strength of an artist whose work speaks volumes about her world. The intriguing allure and arresting quality in her work, derives from her sensual gestural brushtsroke and … Continue Reading

Good & Plenty Juicy

MARYLYN DINTENFASS ON GOOD & PLENTY JUICY May 8 – July 13, 2009 “The exhibition Good & Plenty Juicy is about candy. It plays on candy’s visual elements of shape and color as well as the variously sunny and dark psychological associations it can have. Candy is perceived as either a treat or a threat. … Continue Reading


PRINTMAKING: A COMPLETE GUIDE TO MATERIALS AND PROCESSES BETH GRABOWSKI & BILL FICK LAURENCE KING PUBLISHING 2009 Marylyn Dintenfass works with shaped plates made of thin plastics and thinner polyester drafting film. Thicker pieces have linear information carved in the surface, which can be inked intaglio. The elements are developed, and then arranged on top … Continue Reading

100 New York Painters

100 NEW YORK PAINTERS CYNTHIA MARIS DANTZIC SCHIFFER PUBLISHING 2006 Marylyn Dintenfass, whose works are to be found in over forty public and corporate collections, among them the Metropolitan Museum of Art, has shown her paintings in many solo exhibitions throughout Europe, Israel, Japan, Canada, and the United States. She has been a MacDowell Fellow … Continue Reading

Rauschenberg Gallery

Bob Rauschenberg Gallery Ron Bishop, Director When I first had a conversation with Barbara Hill, art consultant to the city of Fort Myers, to consider exhibiting the art of Marylyn Dintenfass, I was immediately intrigued. Showing the work of a highly respected artist and at the same time supporting a community project such as Art … Continue Reading